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If you're really looking for an adventure and are willing to travel far and wide, here is a collection of incredible places you can visit around the world with a variety of price ranges. These hotels will surely take your travel stories and adventures to new levels. 


Fiji underwater resort

Underwater Hotels
in Fiji and the Maldives

Poseidon Underwater Resort, Fiji
This is considered to be one of the most famous underwater hotels in the world. It has been built on a remote island and is surrounded by a 5,000-acre lagoon. The hotel is 70% acrylic glass, so it is probably the closest you can get to sleeping in a giant aquarium. You just need $15,000-$30,000 to book your reservation. With this amount, you can enjoy six nights at “Poseidon Mystery Island.” The officials of the hotels will pick you up in a company airplane and fly you out there to Fiji. The package also includes a four-night stay in a beachfront room and two nights in an underwater room, gourmet meals and access to other water sports, lectures and wine tasting.

Maldives underwater resort

Conrad Hilton, Maldives
This beautiful hotel is located in the Maldives near India, and is also considered as one of the most extraordinary underwater hotels of the world. Visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the water all around. Sometimes it happens that a huge fish comes by swimming around the dining area and this moment takes anyone’s breath away.

Costa Rica Airplane Hotel

Airplane Hotel in Costa Rica
and Igloos in Canada

Airplane Hotel, Costa Rica
If you have fantasies of living like the Swiss Family Robinson or even the characters in Lost, this rainforest resort near Quepos, Costa Rica may be just the ticket. Situated on the edge of the Manuel Antonio National Park, the Costa Verde Resort features an incredible hotel suite set inside a 1965 Boeing 727 airplane. In its former life, the airplane transported globetrotters on South Africa Air and Avianca Airlines, and it now serves as a two-bedroom suite perched on the edge of the rainforest overlooking the beach and ocean.

Canada Ice Hotel

Ice Hotel, Canada
Just in case anybody living in warmer climates was wondering, most Canadians don't live in igloos! But at the Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada, they do. It is absolutely amazing what you can do with walls and furniture when you aren't relegated to materials like drywall and plaster. The construction of the Ice Hotel changes each year, and is truly art. Everything is made of ice. Located at only 10 minutes from downtown Québec City, the Hôtel de Glace is a must-see attraction to discover every winter.


Turkey Cave Hotel

Cave Hotels
in Turkey

Cappadocia Cave Hotel, Turkey
Ever dreamed of staying in a cave hotel with all modern conveniences? Well, now's your chance to make those dreams come true.
Cappadocia is one of the most fascinating travel destinations in Turkey. Up until two million years ago, the region was literally a sea of lava over 150 meters (500 feet) deep. After the volcanoes that surround Cappadocia stopped erupting, that sea of lava turned to rock, relatively soft rock that's easily eroded and dug into. As a result, the region today is rife with otherworldly rock formations, underground cities, and cave hotels. There are maybe two dozen cave hotels in the greater Cappadocia region.

Turkey Cave Hotel

Kelebek Cave Hotel, Turkey
The gorgeous Kelebek Hotel is perhaps Goreme's most popular place. Kelebek has a wonderful location, right in the heart of Goreme's historic old village, with spectacular views looking out towards Uchisar and Cavusin. Today Kelebek the Butterfly in English has 36 rooms, some of them in the fairy chimneys, some in caves and some of them in the traditional arched rooms where families used to live. Suites have spacious cave bedrooms with hand-carved furnishings and locally-made fabrics, marble-walled bathrooms with their own hamam basins, power-showers and bathtubs.

Mountain Hut in Italy

Cliffside Guest Houses
in the Alps

Cliffside Mountain Camping, Italy
This mountain-top hut with a sweeping panoramic view of the Julian Alps in Italy is free to stay for anyone who knocks on its door. The catch? You'll have to hike 8,300 feet up Foronon del Buinz Mountain to get to it. Commissioned by the family of the late mountain climber Luca Vuerich, who died in an avalanche in 2010, this unusual prefab wood cabin by architect Giovanni Pesamosca is located on the Ceria-Merlone trail and has been offering a safe refuge for hiking nature lovers since it opened in September 2012.




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